Head Stand is like a kickstand for your helmet.       

HEAD STAND is a tripod stand that allows you to easily store your helmet anywhere in order to PROTECT your helmet from scratches, dirt and THEFT!



The stand attatches to the helmet and stays with you.  Its a kickstand for your helmet!


The stand is a device that is semi-permanently adhered to the surface of the helmet and allows you to safely place your helmet on tables, floors, or the ground.


Great for suiting-up and gassing-up!

Patent Pending.


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HEAD STAND helmet stand

Additional Information:

  • The peg adhesive is attached to a surface that is cut spherically so that it conforms perfectly to the surface of your helmet.
  • The pegs can be removed with a slight radial tap from a hammer.  Any remaining adhesive residue can be removed with some alcohol.  There will be no permanent marks or discoloration produced from Head Stand.
  • Helmet fabric conteminations occurs when resting your helmet flat ona a dirty surface.  This can occur on the ground at a gas station, bar,restaurant table, home floor, garage floor, or counter top.
  • Helmet padding can suffer from permanent deformation if left under a high load for a long time.  Resting your helmet on the rearview mirror can create a permanent indent on the padding.
  • Protect your helmet from theft by keeping it with you instead of leaving it unsupervised on you bike.
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